5 Troubleshooting Tips For A Leaking Valve Manifold Box

5 Troubleshooting Tips For A Leaking Valve Manifold Box

5 Troubleshooting Tips For A Leaking Valve Manifold Box

3 August 2022
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Your valve manifold box does a very important job, and if it starts leaking air from the exhaust ports, you need to do some troubleshooting to identify the leak. Wondering how to fix the leak in your valve manifold box? In a lot of cases, you can take care of it by yourself. Simply try these tips. 

1. Figure out if the air is coming from the valve or the cylinder. 

In most cases, the air leaks out of the exhaust ports so it feels logical to assume the valve must be the issue. But this isn't always the case. Sometimes, the cylinder is the problem. 

To check, disconnect the unpressurized line running from the valve to the cylinder. If the air is coming from the cylinder port, you need to troubleshoot the cylinder. If the air stops when you disconnect it, you should continue to the next step. 

2. Make sure the valves are shifting correctly. 

The solenoid valves open and close to allow the gasses to pass through the manifold box. Leaks can occur if they aren't opening and closing properly. If they don't close all the way, they will leak. If they aren't opening all the way, they won't let out the right amount of pressure, potentially causing nearby valves to get too much pressure which can lead to leaks. Watch their functioning to see if this is the problem. If so, you may need to have a technician come in and repair them. 

3. Check the piston seals. 

Sometimes, the leaks occur due to a worn-out or damaged piston seal. However, because of the way the air travels through the system, it appears as if the air is coming from the valves. 

To check the piston seals, just grab a pair of pliers. Then, pinch the tubes that run from the valves to the air cylinders. If the air stops when you pinch the tube, you've found your bad seal. 

4. Replace solenoid valves

If the valves seem to be operating correctly, they may have damage that is causing the leak. This could be their bores or seals. To check, turn off the air and remove and replace a solenoid valve. Then, turn back on the air. If the leak persists, repeat this process with the next valve. Continue to remove and replace valves until you have addressed them all.

5. Contact an expert.

In some cases, you just need a technician. They can find and fix the leak. They can also let you know if you should consider investing in a new valve manifold box.

For more information on a valve manifold box, contact a company near you.

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