4 Things To Do To Submit Your Book To A Publisher

4 Things To Do To Submit Your Book To A Publisher

4 Things To Do To Submit Your Book To A Publisher

3 June 2022
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So, you have spent the past several months putting all your energy into pouring your heart and soul onto your computer screen and writing your book. Now you want to get it published. But, how are you going to do that? 

Research Agents

One thing that you can do, especially if you are going to go through a traditional publishing house, is to research agents so that you can find one that can help you. Having an agent who can submit your manuscript to various publishers can really help since some publishing houses will only take manuscripts from agents. 

Choose the Right Publisher

While some publishing houses will publish just about any genre, they might do it under different imprints. Other houses may specialize more. Make sure that you are submitting your manuscript to the right publisher. For example, if you wrote a hard-core military sci-fi saga, you wouldn't want to submit it to a romance publisher. You also wouldn't want to submit your romance to a science fiction publisher. 

Use the Right Format

You also want to make sure when you submit your book to a publisher that you are submitting it in the format of their choice. If the publisher wants to have a digital format, they may want it as a PDF file, and may not want to have a physical copy at all. A different publisher may want you to submit a printed manuscript that uses certain fonts, spacing, and formatting, along with a digital copy, so make sure you double-check what they want from you. 

Find a Beta Reader and Editor

Before you submit, you want to make sure that there aren't any errors or glaring plot holes in your book. There are two kinds of people who can help you with that. One is a beta reader, the other is an editor. A beta reader is going to go through and ready your book to find errors. They aren't necessarily trying to review the story, they are looking for discontinuity, plot holes, typos, and other mistakes. A beta reader shouldn't gloss over anything; their job is to tell you what's wrong and what you need to fix. An editor will give the final polish to your book. They will check for typos, and make sure that your book flows well, and that it looks good. 

If you are going to submit your book to a publisher, you want to make sure that you are doing it right. 

Contact a local independent book publisher for more information. 

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