3 Benefits of Home Patio Screen Enclosures

3 Benefits of Home Patio Screen Enclosures

3 Benefits of Home Patio Screen Enclosures

23 February 2022
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If you have a patio or similar outdoor area that you frequently make use of, you may be thinking about adding a screen enclosure in the near future. These enclosures have a number of benefits, and on the whole, make patios a place where people want to spend more time. Keep reading below for just a few of the biggest advantages that you can experience if you choose to install a home patio screen enclosure.

Protecting against Insects

No matter where you live, summer evenings are a great time to gather with family and friends outdoors, and there are few better places to do this than a big patio. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for insects to ruin this; there is nothing that can end a fun night quicker than the realization that everyone is being bitten by mosquitoes. Fortunately, screen enclosures are an easy and efficient way to protect against insects but still enjoy the ambiance that a backyard has to offer. 

Saving Money on Patio Furniture

No matter the material that it is made from, patio furniture is rarely built to last. Repeated exposure to rain and other elements will usually take its toll after several years. That is, unless you have a screen enclosure that surrounds your patio and protects your furniture. Doing this may represent a significant investment upfront, but it will undoubtedly pay off in the long run—you won't need to purchase a new set of patio furniture every few years with the knowledge that it, too, is bound to succumb to inclement weather.

Not Worrying about Pets

While not having to deal with insects or new furniture purchases are reasons enough to purchase a screen enclosure, many people still hesitate to do so because they are worried about possible damage caused by pets. While this is a legitimate concern, there are screen enclosures designed with this very thing in mind. Pet-proof screens are often constructed using a combination of vinyl coating and polyester, meaning they are sturdy enough to withstand the inevitable chewing, clawing, and pawing. Not only that, but a screen enclosure creates a nice, dry space for pets too, meaning they won't track water or mud back into the house. If you know that a screen enclosure would make a great addition to your home patio or outdoor space, there's no need to hold off just because you have a pet.

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