Buying A Water Softener System? What You Need To Know

Buying A Water Softener System? What You Need To Know

Buying A Water Softener System? What You Need To Know

24 August 2021
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Hard water is damaging to your home's plumbing and can be uncomfortable for your skin, clothing, and hair. If you've recently discovered that your home has hard water, you may be considering investing in a water softener system for your home. Water softeners will remove the excess mineral concentration in your water, eliminating the plumbing damage and preventing the dry, uncomfortable skin that hard water can cause. Here's a look at some of the things you'll need to think about if you're getting ready to buy a water softener.

What Type Of Water Softener Do You Want?

The first decision you'll have to make is what type of water softener you want. The traditional water softeners are salt-based softeners, which rely on a tank of brine as well as a tank of resin beads to remove excess minerals. These have been used for many years, but they do require that you maintain the salt, including changing out the salt content periodically.

Salt-free water softeners work in much the same way as the traditional units, but they use a salt substitute instead of the traditional water softener salt. The substitute is a potassium chloride product. This is an ideal option if you're worried about any sodium consumption from the salt of a standard softener.

You can also find water softeners with a dual tank system so that one tank can continue to operate while the other is in a regeneration cycle. This ensures consistent water treatment at all times.

How Large Should Your Water Softener Be?

Another important factor is the size of your water softener. When you talk with a water softener system installer about the right unit for your home, they will assess your home's water consumption as well as the test results from the water testing. Then, your technician will make a recommendation for the right size water softener based on your consumption and water treatment needs. You may be provided with a couple of different options, so choose the one that's the best solution for your budget as well.

Do You Want An Automatic Regeneration Unit?

The resin beads in your water softener attract and collect the minerals from the water. Periodically, your water softener will need to flush those beads to wash away the mineral accumulation so that the beads can continue to work. This is a process called regeneration. Usually, you have to run the regeneration cycle manually. However, many water softeners now have automatic regeneration capability. Consider whether this would be a beneficial feature for you while you're choosing the softener that's right for your home.

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