Discover Reading Books That Were Written by Puerto Rican Authors

Discover Reading Books That Were Written by Puerto Rican Authors

Discover Reading Books That Were Written by Puerto Rican Authors

4 January 2021
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Although Puerto Rico is separated from the mainland that comprises the United States, the inhabitants of Puerto Rico are just as important as the mainlanders. They should be recognized for their struggles and achievements. Hurricanes have devasted portions of Puerto Rico, cultural rituals have been passed down through the generations, and natives and visitors have enjoyed the beautiful setting that makes Puerto Rico unique. Reading a memoir, a story, a poem, or a nonfiction work that was written by a Puerto Rican author can be enriching.

Explore Various Topics

In Puerto Rico, there are people with passions that are similar to those in other parts of the world. It can be difficult to envision what the territory looks like or how the people dress or act, especially if you haven't been watching or reading a lot of news lately or if you do not receive any broadcast programming options that pertain to Puerto Rico.

A book that is written by someone who grew up in Puerto Rico and who has many ancestors who are from the same region will give you some insight on what type of jobs, environment, and living arrangements people endured. A book that relates to the travel aspects associated with the area or the fishing and farming industries may give you a newfound appreciation for these employment fields.

For a more serious look at what citizens have gone through, read personal accounts that were written by people who have endured a dangerous hurricane and who were forced to rebuild their lives. These types of stories may make you realize that any type of issue can be overcome, with the right mindset and support system. For lighter reading choices, choose a poet or an author who writes humorous stories.

Review Authors

Think about how you discovered some of your current favorite authors. Maybe, a librarian recommended some of them to you or perhaps, a reading group or an online book review influenced you. You can review Puerto Rican authors in the same way that you are accustomed to. Choose a subject that interests you and seek advice through the sources currently used for other reading projects.

Review some authors on your own, by reading some background history that has been posted on a literary or personal webpage. The new books that you discover will make leisure activities more interesting. They can even be integrated into a social event, by introducing one or more of the books during an informal discussion that is being held with your peers.

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