Use Gaylord Boxes For Different Applications Within Your Business

Use Gaylord Boxes For Different Applications Within Your Business

Use Gaylord Boxes For Different Applications Within Your Business

19 October 2020
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The large corrugated boxes that watermelons and other fresh fruit products are often displayed in are sometimes referred to as Gaylord boxes. These containers contain several corrugated layers and are the perfect size for large seasonal displays that are being set up in your retail shop. They will also make a suitable transport container for bulk orders that are being delivered or shipped from your business.

Stabilizing Large Items And Saving Space

Large items or weighty products that are being sold for a limited amount of time could fall from a shelving unit and also contribute to the loss of storage space in your store. Investing in additional shelving units may not be something that you want to entertain, since seasonal items will only be offered for a short amount of time.

One way to stabilize merchandise that is similar in size and weight is by placing all of the items inside of a few Gaylord boxes that are placed along the ends of aisles or set up in the corners or front of your store.

A large box will provide plenty of room for customers to reach in and grab items that they would like to inspect or purchase, and once you are sold out of a particular product, a box can be flattened and recycled.

Look through your store to determine where you want to place seasonal items. For example, if you will be selling holiday wrap, oversized pillows that possess a festive shape or print, or bath and bedding products that are designed with a particular season in mind, set up an area to group the Gaylord boxes together and use markers or paper signage to advertise what is stored inside of each one.

Transporting Or Shipping Of Goods

If you have a delivery person on hand who drops off a multitude of orders each day, carrying bags or small boxes outdoors can be tedious and require multiple trips. With the use of a Gaylord box, all of the bags or smaller boxes that contain orders can be placed inside of the larger container.

Once the orders are ready to go, have your forklift driver transport the box outdoors and use the machinery to move the box into the bed of the delivery driver's truck. For the shipment of large orders, pack the products inside of an oversized box and place the box on a pallet. Use shrink wrap to secure the box to the pallet to prevent the box from shifting while it is being transported to a designated recipient.

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