New To Vaping? How To Choose The Right E Juice

New To Vaping? How To Choose The Right E Juice

New To Vaping? How To Choose The Right E Juice

15 July 2020
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If you're new to vaping, you might not know how to choose the right e juice. You could just pick a random selection. But, that might not give you the enjoyment you're looking for. It's important to know that there are a lot of e juice varieties to choose from. With time, you'll know exactly what you're looking for. Until then, here are four steps to help you choose the right e juice. 

Sample the Flavors

When it comes to choosing the right e juice, the first thing you want to do is get the flavor right. You might be surprised to see how many flavors there are to choose from. In fact, there's the perfect flavor for every one. One way to find the flavor that's right for you is to sample some. Most vape stores will let you sample the flavors. 


If you're looking for a fun e juice to try, go for the food options. You can find e juice food flavors of all kinds. Whether you're looking for hot dog or donut flavors, you'll find your favorite food. In fact, when it comes to donut flavored e-juice at 120ml, you can choose every flavor from blueberry to strawberry jelly-filled. 


If you enjoy fruit, you'll find just what you're looking for when you start shopping for e juice. In fact, you'll find just about every flavor of fruit imaginable, including apple and grape. 


If you'd prefer to indulge in beverage-flavored e juice, you'll find that too. E juice comes in a wide assortment of beverage flavors. You can find soda flavored e juice, as well as e juice in alcoholic beverage flavors. 

Consider Nicotine Levels

If you don't have much experience with vaping, you'll want to consider the nicotine levels. Most e juices contain different nicotine concentrations. If you're using vaping as a way to quit smoking, start with a higher nicotine concentration, and taper down from there. If you're not sure what nicotine concentration you want, start on the low side, and work your way up. 

Choose the Right Juice

Finally, now that you've decided to start vaping, you'll need to choose the right juice type. There are two types to choose from. Those are vegetable glycerol and propylene glycol. Vegetable glycerol, or VG, will give you more vapor. But, propylene glycol, or PG, will give you more flavor. You can try them both to see which one you prefer.

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