Deep Clean Your Office Building

Deep Clean Your Office Building

Deep Clean Your Office Building

19 June 2020
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If your office building has been closed down during the COVID-19 outbreak, you may be wary about the possibility of contamination when the building opens up again. A deep cleaning session, which includes treating smooth, non-porous surfaces, carpeting, walls, and the heating and air conditioning vents, will disinfect the premises and provide you and your office staff with a sanitary environment to work in.

One Thing At A Time

It may seem overwhelming to contemplate cleaning practically every inch of the building's interior, but if you break up the tasks and focus on one in entirety before moving on to the next phase, you won't become burnt out with the disinfecting process. Write a list of the areas that will be addressed and acquire the cleaning supplies and tools that you will need to do an efficient job.

Bleaches, spray and liquid disinfectants, odor neutralizers, carpet shampoo, a steam cleaner, HVAC filters, laundry detergent, and a washer and dryer are some of the items that you will need at your disposal. You will also need to be armed with masks, gloves, buckets, sponges, and cleaning cloths. If the office is large in size, don't try to handle all of the cleaning by yourself.

Form a cleaning crew by asking a couple of your staff members to assist you with the project. Your workers will probably be glad to get out of their homes for a while and may be anxious to do their part since chipping in will ultimately aid in getting the office in operable order so that staff members can get back to work.

No Shortcuts And Responsible Waste Disposal 

This is not the time for shortcuts and hoping to finish the cleaning process in the shortest amount of time possible. Perform each job with the mindset that you are working for someone else and that this person is super picky about the way that cleaning steps are administered. Use extra care in wiping and rinsing each surface and shampoo the carpeting a couple of times, to ensure that every last fiber has been cleaned as well as possible.

When it comes to cleaning the HVAC vents and replacing air filters, dispose of dust and debris immediately. All cleaning tools and dirty mop water should be cleaned and disposed of as soon as a task is complete. Tie up all bags of trash and bring them outdoors and place them inside of a sealed receptacle.

Now that your office is sanitary, you can begin to plan when you will open for business. Continue to use COVID-19 safety measures and cleaning methods to keep you and your staff healthy and to prevent the risk of the coronavirus becoming an issue within the workplace.

For more information, contact a COVID-19 building deep cleaning service.

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