Waste Management: Keeping Construction Sites Clean

Waste Management: Keeping Construction Sites Clean

Waste Management: Keeping Construction Sites Clean

30 May 2019
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Construction work generates all kinds of waste that will need to be managed and removed from the property. As you plan and schedule work that must happen, you should also be determining the best ways to deal with trash, boxes, concrete and other waste products. What is important?

Getting Enough Dumpsters

Remaining within the confines of your budget is key. For that reason, your goal might be to have as few dumpsters as possible. However, doing this can backfire. Without adequate containers on the property, some trash can sit longer than necessary. In addition, your workers might attempt to overfill the dumpsters you do rent; rental company staff may ask that trash is actually removed so that the dumpster can travel safely on the road. These delays will keep workers focused on waste rather than the construction that needs to happen. Therefore, ask for general dumpster guidance from rental companies. That way, you will have enough containers on site and items can be removed in an orderly way.

Ordering Supplies Locally

The boxes, tubes, bubble wrap and other materials that accompany supplies you've ordered can make a mess on your site. In fact, you might consider focusing on picking up supplies locally to cut down on the waste that shipped products generate. 

Considering Recycling

Lumber and cardboard aren't the only materials to recycle. In fact, concrete, stone and brick can also be used for other projects. Some recycling centers will accept your concrete and similar materials. Find out if you'll be able to be paid for the waste that you bring to such centers. Of course, you can also attempt to sell off used materials to other construction companies or hobbyists in the area.

Avoiding Waste Buildup

Whatever your methods for ridding the property of various waste items, you'll need to keep waste under control every day. When waste builds up, not only does it look awful to anyone passing by, but it might also present a very real work hazard for employees. Workers might trip over materials that haven't been hauled away, for instance. Designate workers to supervise waste and keep it manageable. If you can't get daily removal of waste done, make sure that all waste is contained and that dumpsters and other containers are covered before leaving for the night.

Waste should be managed as well as other activities on your sites. Work with employees, waste management companies, rental dumpster businesses and others to manage trash and other materials.

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