Spring Cleaning Tips To Clear Your Home Exterior Of Damaging And Dingy Residues

Spring Cleaning Tips To Clear Your Home Exterior Of Damaging And Dingy Residues

Spring Cleaning Tips To Clear Your Home Exterior Of Damaging And Dingy Residues

27 March 2019
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Winter weather brings with it a variety of wet and frozen conditions that can leave your home's exterior prone to damage and unsightly residues. Now that spring has arrived, you have the perfect opportunity to get things cleaned up and restored to their intended condition. Here are some tips for cleaning your home exterior surfaces, protecting them from damage, and getting them clean for the season.

Clean Your Patio and Deck

After a winter of snow and ice accumulation, your patio and deck contain a layer of dirt and grit when the temperatures increases and the snow melts. And when you have used ice melt products or sand to help with vehicle traction, your driveway can be salt-stained and dusty.

Fortunately, you can hire a power washing service to clean your home's exterior areas, including your driveway and patio. They will use the appropriate pressure sprayer tips so that they don't damage your wood deck's surface or remove any paint. The force of the water can cause damage to many soft surfaces if it is too high.

If your home's exterior is additionally stained or dirty from years of wind and weather, your power washing professional can use an appropriate cleaner to remove bug and bird stains. Whether your home's exterior is brick, stucco, siding, or painted wood, they can use an appropriate cleaning tip and solution to power wash all the dirt, grime, rust, or oxidation from your home's exterior and restore its appearance.

Remove Roof Growth and Residue

When you live in a wet climate that brings excessive humidity and wet weather along with freezing winters, there is a chance your home's roof may grow moss, lichens, and even mold. These stains can make your roof look green, but they are actually damaging to your shingles. When moss or mold grows on your shingles, their roots embed into the top layers of the shingle and lead to decomposition of the shingles over time.

However, if you remove the growths and stains before they can cause damage, you save your shingle's integrity and prevent further problems to ensure your roof remains protected. You can use a roof cleaning solution to remove the growths or mix up water and bleach and spray it up on your roof with your garden hose. If you use bleach, be sure to protect any vegetation and landscaping below your roof, as the runoff can harm it. Place tarps over the area and wet down the vegetation fully before you clean your roof.

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