Making A Great First Impression At A Country Club Golf Course

Making A Great First Impression At A Country Club Golf Course

Making A Great First Impression At A Country Club Golf Course

27 March 2019
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When you join a private country club and begin engaging in a few rounds of golf, the last thing you'll want to do is stand out from other country club guests. Instead, you'll want to have excellent etiquette so that you can easily get along with everyone else on the course. 

Dress to Impress

The most important part of golf etiquette is dressing properly. You are expected to conform to a certain style of dress. Polo shirts are the standard, and they should always be tucked in. In many cases, you're not allowed to have jeans or cargo pants at all while on the golf course. The other members of the club will form their first impressions based on what you are wearing.

Be Very Early

Typically, it's advisable to show up for events five minutes early. However, in the world of private country clubs, it's better to arrive twenty minutes early for the tee time to make sure that nobody has a late start. 

Respect the Caddies

Be friendly to caddies and enjoy the benefits of having a caddie. Caddies are used to introduce young individuals to golf to keep the sport popular. Caddies are also able to improve your golf game by giving you tips.

Know the Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are a common sight on many golf courses. However, there are other golf courses that will ban cell phones. Find out if you're allowed to bring one. Also, a pager could be an alternative to a cell phone if you need to be reached in case of an emergency. Even if cell phones are allowed, don't talk too loudly on your cell phone.

Spend a Reasonable Time at a Hole

Don't spend too much time at a hole. If you are struggling to get the ball in the hole, there's nothing wrong with picking up your ball and moving to the next hole. Otherwise, you may have someone from the country club ride up to you and tell you that you're playing too slow.

Know When to Put On Your Shoes

In a private golf course, you don't want to put your golf shoes on in the parking lot. Instead, you want to either put them on in the locker room or carry them out to the golf cart. This is because golf shoes can sometimes scratch the flooring. However, you may always ask and you could also observe other guests and see what they do.

Speak to a country club in your area, such as Wycliffe Golf & Country Club, to find out what their policies are so you can be prepared.

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