Things To Consider When Renting A Truck For Your Next Move

Things To Consider When Renting A Truck For Your Next Move

Things To Consider When Renting A Truck For Your Next Move

16 December 2018
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Moving is never fun but if you have to do it, using some of the tool available to you can make the job easier. Renting a truck for the job is one of those things that can help make a move more comfortable, faster, and less stressful on everyone involved. There are some things you may want to consider when renting a U Haul truck and some accessories you might want to add on as well. 

Renting a Truck

There are several major rental companies that you can get a truck from, but no matter where you get the truck for your move, getting the right size truck is critical. A truck that is too small means making several trips, and if you are moving across town, that will cost you more in mileage, but if you are moving out of state, you now have a big problem. If the truck is too big, it will use more fuel, but the bigger problem is that the cargo will be able to move around and damage can occur to your stuff. If you are not sure what size truck you need, talk it over with the rental company. They can help you decide. 

Requirements for Renting a Truck

Rental companies are going to require you to have a valid drivers license before you rent from them and you will need to have insurance that will cover you or buy it from them. Sometimes you can waive the coverage, but this is never a good idea. Once you sign the agreement, you will be the only one allowed to drive the truck. While people often let others drive, it is in the contract so if there is an accident when someone else is driving, you could be financially responsible. Most rental companies will require a credit card to secure the truck or a cash deposit while you have it. It is a good idea to give the company a call, so you know all the requirements before you head over to get the truck and are ready when you get there. 

Rental Add-ons

Often the rental company will offer some additional items that can make your move easier. They have furniture and appliance dollies that you can rent for an additional fee, that will help make it easier to load and unload the truck. Many companies also have moving blankets to cover items that you want to protect during the move. Ask the rental agent if there is something that you need and do see. Often you have to request these items so that they make sure they get on the invoice with the truck. 

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