Media Training: A Must-Have For All Corporate Executives

Media Training: A Must-Have For All Corporate Executives

Media Training: A Must-Have For All Corporate Executives

25 March 2018
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Communication plays a key role in staying connected to your customer base. Most companies know that focusing their efforts on improving customer service options can improve communication, but few companies understand the important role the media plays in communicating company values to customers.

If your executives have the opportunity to interact with journalists, podcasters, or other media personnel, you want to ensure that they are prepared to capitalize on these opportunities by putting them through media training.

Media training improves message delivery.

If you want customers to listen to what your company has to say, executives need to speak in a language that causes people to take notice. Media training helps teach executives how to use not only their words, but their tone, pacing, and body language to convey critical messages.

Giving your executives the ability to command attention positively will improve your company's ability to interact with the media and the individuals who consume media products.

Media training can help define key messages.

When dealing with the media, it's important that any messages your executives are trying to convey be concise and clear. Key messages serve as running themes across all media platforms.

Defining these key messages allows your executives to better understand how they can contribute to brand recognition and continuity by sticking to these messages in all interviews. Having your company's key messages clearly defined also allows for more focused interviews that will produce more effective quotes and clips when shortened during the editorial process.

Media training helps teach control.

Anytime one of your company's executives is being interviewed by a member of the press, it can be easy to believe that the control lies with the reporter. This should never be the case if you want to improve your company's image and use media platforms to communicate with your customer base effectively.

Media training can help teach executives to use clear responses that will steer the topic of conversation in a direction that benefits your company. This subtle skill can be challenging to master, but ongoing media training provides executives the opportunity to practice the art of control when it comes to media interviews.

Working with the media is important if you want to increase awareness of your company's brand, products, or services. Good press exposure can help foster trust between your company and potential customers, and media training provides executives with the information and skills they need to create positive media interactions in the future.

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