Common Problematic Flaws With The Help Desk For Most Small Business Websites

Common Problematic Flaws With The Help Desk For Most Small Business Websites

Common Problematic Flaws With The Help Desk For Most Small Business Websites

21 March 2018
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People reach out to businesses more online these days than what they do in person or over the phone, so having an established helpdesk feature for your business website is an important thing to do. Your prospective and current customers will be looking for a helpdesk when they need information about a product or service or have an issue they need you to resolve. 

While most business owners do have a helpdesk feature on their website, many of these helpdesks have problematic flaws that can get in the way of how well they serve customers. This is why it's a good idea to trust a managed IT service to integrate and handle your helpdesk feature. Here's a look at some of the most common flaws with small business website helpdesk functions. 

Lack of Response

Helpdesk tickets are something that should get the utmost attention because these are consumers on the other side that are reaching out for a line of help. Imagine what it would lead to if you rarely answered your incoming phone calls at your place of business and the impression that would give. In the age of technology, a helpdesk ticket is pretty much teh same as a customer picking up the phone to get someone on teh line for help. If you are not attentive to their needs because you are small and do not have enough help to catch every ticket, it can have major repercussions on your small business's reputation.

Lost Tickets

When a helpdesk ticket is created, alerts should be sent to the email associated with the business website. However, if the software is not properly installed or is dysfunctional, it can mean that those relay messages that contain helpdesk tickets never get sent. Every lost helpdesk ticket can lead to an unhappy customer or client who loses faith in your company as a whole. If you have a managed IT service handling the helpdesk functions on your website, you will know the chance of lost tickets is going to be minimal. 

Lack of Speed

When someone has an issue with your website and they reach out to your for assistance, they do not want to be left dealing with the problem for a long period of time. Helpdesk should be a quick resolution, but not all small business owners have enough staff on hand that is well-trained enough to tackle problems in a timely manner.      

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