How The Data Storage Assessment Process Works

How The Data Storage Assessment Process Works

How The Data Storage Assessment Process Works

20 March 2018
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If you run a business, you need to make sure that you have enough space for all the data that your business generates. As more and more parts of our lives go online, that means that more and more data is created. An IT data assessment can help make sure that your business is set up in a manner that facilities the proper storage of your information and ensures that the technology and methods you are using make sense from a technological standpoint.

#1 Look at Health of Your Systems

The first thing that will happen is the IT company you hire will look at the overall health of your system as it stands. Is your system overloaded? Does your system have enough room right now? They will determine the overall health and well-being of your system, and determine what best practices you are using and should continue to implement as well as what best-practices your business is currently not engaged in but should be engaged in.

#2 Examine the Design

After that, they will examine the design of your system. They will look at the SAN infrastructure of your system and determine if you have the right design to grow.

#3 Build Your System

Once they have determined the health of your system and the current design of your system, they will build and expand your system. They will set up the right data storage for you to use in the future. They will change your programs and systems so that they all work and flow well together.

#4 Migrate Information

Depending on how you were storing your data before, some or all of it may need to be migrated to different systems. The IT team will take care of all of this for you. They will move data to the right servers and virtual cloud storage. They will ensure that all of your information is stored in the right places and that all of the systems are set up so that all the information your business generates will continue to go to the right sources.

#5 Start the Cycle Again

Once you have an established relationship, they will monitor your data storage and go through the steps of assessing the health of your system, designing and building new space, and migrating data whenever necessary. You can get annual inspections and check-ups to ensure that you have the right systems, storage and security in place for all of the data that your business generates.  

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