Four Ways To Simplify Your Company's Loyalty Program

Four Ways To Simplify Your Company's Loyalty Program

Four Ways To Simplify Your Company's Loyalty Program

20 March 2018
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Maintaining a loyalty program is a good way to ensure customers keep coming back to you rather than seeking services elsewhere. But maintaining a loyalty program and keeping it working smoothly can be a full-time job, for several employees, in and of itself. If you want to get more out of your loyalty program without investing countless hours, here are four tips you'll find useful.

Only offer one reward.

Some company loyalty programs have confusing structures. Maybe you offer customers one benefit after they spend $40, a different benefit after $60, and a third benefit after $120. This can be a lot to manage since you have to keep the various rewards straight in your system and also explain them to customers. 

A better option is to offer only one reward on your loyalty program. For instance, you could give guests $5 for every $100 they spend, staring the "clock" over each time they spend $100. This way, you only have to keep track of one count per customer.

Assign an employee to manage the system.

You may be tempted to teach all of your employees about the loyalty program and then divide up the work to avoid burdening one employee. However, mistakes are more often made with the work is subdivided like this. It will be hard for any one employee to get to know the loyalty program inside and out if they only spend a few hours a week on it. So, to simplify things, only assign one or two employees to the program. Give them plenty of time to really get to know the system and how it functions, and offer them feedback so they can keep improving.

Create informational flyers about the program.

One struggle with loyalty programs is that you are always having to explain them to customers. You will save yourself a lot of time and words if you create an informational flyer explaining your program in depth. When someone asks about the program, you can just give them a flyer and send them on their way.

Hire a loyalty program management company.

If you have a very small company and don't have a staff member who can dedicate a lot of time to the program, consider hiring an outside loyalty program company to manage your program. These companies will take over every aspect of your program, from tracking to materials, leaving you more time to focus on other aspects of running your business. 

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