4 Things You Should Know When Renting A Truck For The First Time For A Local Move

4 Things You Should Know When Renting A Truck For The First Time For A Local Move

4 Things You Should Know When Renting A Truck For The First Time For A Local Move

20 March 2018
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It is common for people to rent moving trucks, especially for local moves, but if this is your first time renting a moving truck for a local move, there are a few things you should know to make the experience easier and to have it go more smoothly. The following are some of the most important things you should know.

1. You will need a credit card

The reason for this is that the final bill is not known until you return the truck. However, if you don't have a credit card, many truck rental companies will allow you to use a debit card. But you will need enough money in your account that is much greater than the anticipated amount that you will be charged. Again, this is because the final amount owed is not known until you bring the truck back. If the company will take a debit card, you should ask how much money will be blocked off until you bring back the truck. This will allow you to know your available balance and avoid any problems with your account should you use the card during your move.

2. Make sure your car insurance covers your truck rental

Many policies will cover a truck rental, but if you're not sure, one quick call to your agent will give you the information you need. If your policy does not cover it or you don't have insurance because you don't currently own a car, you will need to buy the insurance available at the truck rental office. If you choose to use your own insurance, you will need to provide your insurance card for their records.

3. You can rent other equipment along with a truck

Most moving companies have complementary equipment for a local move. This includes various carts and dollies that can make moving much easier. If you are moving appliances such as a refrigerator, you should consider renting a heavy-duty dolly. These are made for heavy loads and have straps that can be tightened to prevent heavy items from falling off the dolly.

4. You should reserve your truck

Not reserving a truck is a rookie mistake. People are moving throughout the year, and there is always a certain amount of demand for trucks. Popular sizes used for moving household items in two and three bedroom apartments are especially in demand. To get the size truck you want and with the options you need, always reserve your truck well in advance of your moving day.

You are likely to have more than one problem when you're making a local move. However, by using the information above, renting a moving truck will not be one of the problems you experience. 

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