Storing And Caring For A Steam Hose: Four Key Tips

Storing And Caring For A Steam Hose: Four Key Tips

Storing And Caring For A Steam Hose: Four Key Tips

19 March 2018
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You have a new chemical steam hose, and if you're like most business owners, you want to keep it in as good of shape as possible so you do not have to invest in another one any time soon. After all, these hoses are not cheap! The key to keeping a steam hose in proper condition is storing and caring for it well it well. Here are four tips for storing and caring for your chemicals team hose in a manner that won't result in any damage or destruction.

1. Do not kink the hose.

After every use, check over the hose for any little kinks. Even half kinks in the hose can damage its interior structure if you leave the hose kinked as you store it. Pinch the hose to release any small kinks, and then unravel it to remove any larger kinks before you wind the hose up. When you do roll it up, do so on a hose holder, and make sure you coil it in a manner that keeps it from kinking. 

2. Store the hose in a climate-controlled area.

It's best to store the hose inside, but if you do not have an indoor facility where you can keep it, at least make an effort to control the humidity in the garage where you keep the hose. Changes in humidity can weaken the outer covering of the hose, and once this covering has been weakened, the inner portion of the hose will no longer have the support it needs to resist bowing out. Put a dehumidifer in the garage to remove excess moisture from the air during humid spells.

3. Clean the hose.

Debris on the hose surface can stain the exterior and stimulate the onset of deterioration. Each time you use the hose, give it a wipe-down with a damp cloth, and then let it dry, before putting it back in storage. If the hose gets really dirty, you can hose it down with a water hose. Just make sure it is dry again before you coil it up.

4. Do not run the hose through salt.

When the weather is cold and there's salt on the parking lot of sidewalk, do not run the hose directly through the salt as this will contribute to its deterioration. Instead, put a tarp down first, and run the hose on top of the tarp. The same strategy works to keep the hose clean on muddy ground. 

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