How To Get Affordable Concession Trailer Equipment

How To Get Affordable Concession Trailer Equipment

How To Get Affordable Concession Trailer Equipment

19 March 2018
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Whether you're looking to get into the food truck business full time or if you're just looking to supplement your income, buying a concession trailer is a great place to start. Because the trailer is mobile you can hitch it up to your personal vehicle and take it around to different sporting events, outdoor carnivals and anywhere that tends to draw a crowd.

Once you've purchased your trailer the next step is to make sure that you have all of the right equipment. However, you want to get it at a price that isn't too high because you're just starting out. Let the following tips guide you into finding affordable food preparation equipment for your new concession trailer.

Auction Sites Are A Smart Move

The very first place you should look when you're trying to find reasonably priced concession trailer equipment is auction websites. There just might be people there who are looking to unload some of their own gently used equipment. If you're willing to be patient and strike when the iron is hot it's amazing the kinds of deals you can find.

Some people who are selling equipment on auction websites are doing so simply because they decided that the food truck industry wasn't for them. Perhaps they live in a rural town so it's hard to get the kind of repeat clientele that can really cause a business to flourish. After they've decided to close up shop they have to find a way to get rid of the items that they've acquired. Selling them on auction sites is a quick way to get the cash in hand, while you get the benefit of extremely discounted prices.

Go To Restaurant Supply Stores

A lot of the equipment that you're going to need for your concession trailer is also used in traditional restaurants. Stores which cater to restaurant owners typically offer wholesale prices that are much cheaper than what you would pay if you shopped retail.

Visit some of the restaurant supply stores in your area and see what you can get your hands on. These vendors strive to build strong business-to-business relationships so there's a good chance that they'll work with you about the rates.

If you're willing to put in the work you're sure to lay claim to the equipment you need for your truck without overpaying for it. You'll be the owner of your own mobile business that is fully equipped with everything needed to make things happen. Contact a company like CS Techs Inc for more information and assistance. 

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