What Type Of Painting Business Do You Want To Start?

What Type Of Painting Business Do You Want To Start?

What Type Of Painting Business Do You Want To Start?

14 March 2018
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Do you love to wield a paintbrush and are thinking of starting your own painting contractor business? If so, then you need to consider exactly what type of painting you plan to do. The following guide can introduce you to some of the many options that exist within this business niche.

General Contractor

A general painting contractor does both interiors and exteriors. This isn't just of homes, either. You may paint outbuildings, decks, fences, and any other type of structure that requires a fresh coat of paint. A general contractor doesn't generally do creative work but instead does the basic painting one would expect of a new coat on a wall or building. You will need a painting crew skilled at doing the prep work and using a brush, as well as applying paint with a spray gun and other specialized tools. People hire a general painting contractor for basic jobs that they want to be done quickly but skillfully.

Exterior specialists

Much like the name implies, this type of painter only does exteriors. It also requires specialization. As an exterior specialist, your service will be able to paint nearly any type of outdoor structure. This means knowing how to paint not just wood, but also vinyl or metal siding and having the tools to do so. Many exterior specialists also focus on stone and cement painting as well as related techniques like applying tinted stucco to a wall or acid staining a concrete patio. There are more skill and equipment necessary, but you can also typically charge higher rates than a general painting contractor.

Interior paint designer

If you have a creative streak and an eye for details, you can let your artistic side shine through as a paint designer. Paint designers vary in the type of services they perform. Some only provide a choice of decorative techniques, such as layering on paint to create different visual effects or using texturing methods to add depth to flat walls. Others provide full artistic services like designing and then painting murals, such as in nurseries or as an interior accent wall. The more skill and time required, the more you can charge for this service. Some painting professionals also learn one or two of the decorative techniques and offer them as an option on top of basic painting jobs.

Starting your own painting business requires lots of decisions, but you can go into a sector of the field that interests you the most. Talk with a painting franchise provider like Color World House Painting Inc for more ideas and advice. 

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