Ready To Move Your Business Out Of Your Home And Into A Workspace? What To Know Before Signing A Lease

Ready To Move Your Business Out Of Your Home And Into A Workspace? What To Know Before Signing A Lease

Ready To Move Your Business Out Of Your Home And Into A Workspace? What To Know Before Signing A Lease

8 March 2018
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If you need an office space but you aren't really sure how much you need, what you want to pay, or where you should locate yourself, you want to find a real estate professional. There are a lot of things that you want to go over before you start looking for a space, to ensure that you get the right type of space for your business. Here are some of the things to do before singing any lease, and things to talk about with your real estate professional.

Set a Budget

You want to set a thrifty budget for your first office space. Find out what you think you can afford, a month, and try to find listings under it. You don't have to keep the space forever, and as you adjust to the new expenses with your business, you want to be sure that your rent is on the more affordable side. This may mean not being in the newest buildings in the most lucrative areas, but if you find an affordable option in a good location that is where you should start.

Understand the Costs with More Space

Many people make the mistake of getting a space that is too big for their needs. When you have more space then you need, you aren't just paying higher rent to rent a larger unit, but you're also paying for the following:

  • Higher utility costs
  • More cleaning products or service fees
  • Additional furnishings

Bigger means that you have you more space that you have to maintain. The smaller the space, the less you have to pay overall.

Have a Professional Look at the Lease

You want to have a real estate professional and maybe even a lawyer look at the lease. You want to know what you are liable for, what you are obligated to maintain and pay for in the contract, and be sure that you understand the lease completely. This way you have no surprises if something goes wrong with the space while you are leasing it.

Start with a single year lease, or maybe a couple of years, so you can see if you really want to keep an office space, or if maybe you think you want to make the investment of purchasing property instead of renting. A real estate professional can help you find the best spot for your current business needs, and if all goes well you can find something bigger or more costly at a later time.  Contact a company, like Main Suites LLC, for more help.

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